Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

My best wishes to each of you for a joyful Christmas and holiday season.

Last night we had our End of the Season Crew Dinner at the Boston Yacht Club in Marblehead. Lots of stories and laughs.

The CHARIAD team won the overall season championship. A huge tribute to their skill and teamwork.

Rich Wilson  –  In the Indian Ocean – Vendee Globe Around the World Race

Rich Wilson – a great friend of CHARIAD – is now in the Indian Ocean racing single handed in Great America IV. Rich is the only American and the oldest sailor in this brutal non-stop race around the world. The race started in France circles the globe and finishes in France. He is competing against the best single handed sailors in the world.

Check Out the website for his location and updates.  Of the 29 starters, seven have already abandoned the race. Our best wishes go to Rich.

Team Work on the Bow

We do not have a video of the CHARIAD foredeck at work – yet. But here is a link to the crew at work on another boat. They are handling is an asymmetrical spinnaker which is to work than the spin on CHARIAD. But you will get the idea.

On CHARIAD, much of the bow work is done by the excellent woman crew members.

CHARIAD Season Champ Poster

Shayna Loeffler has created a poster commemorating CHARIAD’s 2016 championship season. You can see the two versions of the poster below.

I thought that former crew members or Friends might want a copy for themselves. An order is going in next week for posters mounted on foam core that are approximately 28 x 18. The cost is about $25.

If you want to get one of the posters, let me know which of the two versions you want. A number of the crew members are requesting a smaller version of the poster image – such as 8 x 10. They plane to frame it.

You need to tell me if you want a poster and if you do – which one and what size.

Some of our Friends are outside the US or away from the Boston area. I can forward you the poster image file and you can make a copy for yourself. I may do the same for those who want the smaller image sizes so you can print the image yourself to the size you want on photo paper and control the whole process.

Think about where you want to display the image – office, over the mantle, bathroom, closet, etc. Get what works for you. When you come to my place, you will see that most of my sailing pictures are in my bathroom. May sound weird, but I get to look at them every morning.

Again, thanks to Shayna for creating these memories for us.

My best,