CHARIAD Wins First Gold of 2019


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: The CHARIAD Team won its 1st gold of the 2019 season. We won the Patton Bowl on a sunny, gusty wind day this past Sunday. Manchester Yacht Club honors Gen. Patton of WWII fame with the Patton Bowl each year. The awards were presented by the wife of Gen. Patton’s son, also Gen. Patton, who served in Vietnam. We received the Patton Bowl from the [...]

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CHARIAD Starts Sailing Season


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: CHARIAD’s sailing season has begun. We have had a race and an almost race – no wind. A couple very talented new crew have joined the team and we are working hard to teach them how to sail the boat and get in sync as a team member. Every time new guys and gals come on the boat, I am reminded how much the boat’s [...]

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