Independence Day – July 4th, 2020


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: This morning I published a blog with thoughts about Independence Day – this year. Most of you do not see my “work” blogs and thought leadership articles. You might find this blog post helpful in light of the difficult time we are in. We may have an informal 1st race – sort of a race – on Sunday. The Eastern YC had hoped to run [...]

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CHARIAD – 1st Race Practice & Crew in Lockdown Video


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: Tomorrow will be the 1st full dress CHARIAD crew practice day. We will be doing spinnaker drills and rebuilding our skills tacking and going fast. No races are scheduled yet, but the Eastern YC is talking about doing their annual July 4th regatta – on July 3rd. Don’t ask me? The Challenge Some have asked, “Why are you practicing to race when no races scheduled?” [...]

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CHARIAD Goes Sailing


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: CHARIAD and the CHARIAD Crew are now sailing. After weeks of social distancing, small teams at the boat yard, face masks, fear and uncertainty,  and “we will make this happen,” the CHARIAD team sailed off her mooring in Marblehead Harbor last Sunday. We SAILED over to Manchester Harbor. Kevin Fisher took this selfie to prove we were there. In the CHARIAD tradition, we tacked back [...]

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: CHARIAD is on her mooring in Marblehead Harbor. (Picture from an earlier time) The CHARIAD crew has achieved a remarkable accomplishment during this time a crisis and fear. As many of you know, in an earlier time before the world as we knew it had ended, ten or so members of our community would meet at the boat yard on 2 or 3 Saturdays. We would [...]

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CHARIAD’s Hood Regatta – Update and New Pics


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: My first report to you on the Hood Regatta last weekend has been fact checked and needs some updating and clarification. And we have off the boat pictures from the regatta. Those of you who know me well understand I will not recognize misspelling my own name. The correct spelling of the boat that finished 2nd in our class was Sirocco. The racing on Sunday was [...]

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CHARIAD Finishes 3rd in Ted Hood Regatta


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: CHARIAD sailed in her most competitive regatta of the season this past weekend. We finished 3rd in class against very competitive boats. My bottom line was that we did well. But the two boats that finished above us sailed a little better than we did. Our debrief covered our being a little slower getting the spin up and a little slower getting the spin down and [...]

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CHARIAD Social Sail – Sunday – Pics from Race to P’town


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: If you will in the Boston area Sunday, join other Friends of CHARIAD for a wonderful summer Social Sail. No spinnaker work! Social Sail Details On Dock Time 11:00 AM Location Boston Yacht Club, One Front Street, Marblehead Parking On street is available near the BYC. Allow time to find the parking and get to the club. Food & Drinks If you want to [...]

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CHARIAD Wins First Gold of 2019


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: The CHARIAD Team won its 1st gold of the 2019 season. We won the Patton Bowl on a sunny, gusty wind day this past Sunday. Manchester Yacht Club honors Gen. Patton of WWII fame with the Patton Bowl each year. The awards were presented by the wife of Gen. Patton’s son, also Gen. Patton, who served in Vietnam. We received the Patton Bowl from the [...]

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CHARIAD Starts Sailing Season


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: CHARIAD’s sailing season has begun. We have had a race and an almost race – no wind. A couple very talented new crew have joined the team and we are working hard to teach them how to sail the boat and get in sync as a team member. Every time new guys and gals come on the boat, I am reminded how much the boat’s [...]

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CHARIAD’s 2019 Sailing Season Gets Underway


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: This past Saturday, CHARIAD team members went out for our first real sail of the season. This was a training and practice day for experienced and a couple new crew. We all needed the time on the boat and on the water. Spin up, gibe, gibe, gibe, spin down. Tack, tack, tack. That was the drill. We had a middle of the summer spin run [...]

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