Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

The Boston Yacht Club notified me this morning that CHARIAD won the Lilley Trophy for the 2016 PHRF racing season.

Congratulations! As the BYC skipper with the best performance for the season in PHRF Marblehead, you and Chariad have won the Lilley Trophy. In fact, you won the B Class and got more points overall than any other boat except for Heat Wave in A Class, well done!

I’d like to present the perpetual trophy to you at the Annual Meeting this Thursday if you’re available. There’s no keeper trophy for this, just an informal presentation and a photo or two. The Lilley is one of our oldest and most valuable trophies, on which your name and boat and will be engraved.  

This award is a huge tribute to the CHARIAD crew and the entire CHARIAD community. I guess we do not get another engraved bottle of rum but our accomplishments will be on display at the club.

The award will be given at the BYC this Thursday as part of the annual meeting at 7 PM. Come to the club if you can.

Let’s plan a Meet Up over the next couple of weeks. Shayna is looking into a CHARIAD ski weekend at Stratton. I will let you know what she suggests.

I hope you are doing well.