CHARIAD Wins Claddagh Cup


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: I got notification last night that CHARIAD won the Claddagh Cup for the 2018 season. The Cup is awarded to the Boston Yacht Club boat  “to honor the best BYC skipper in BYC events for the year. Of all BYC skippers, and a fine crew, you got the most points in BYC sponsored weekend races, including the Memorial Day Regatta, Beringer, Hodder, and Chowder Cup.” This [...]

CHARIAD Wins Claddagh Cup2019-02-27T05:47:52+00:00

Sailing from Key West to Havana Update


Dear Friend of CHARIAD:From the response to my note about getting a group together to sail from Key West to Havana, I can see that many of us are excited by the idea.I am leaving tomorrow for about 10 days in CA and want to give you an update on where this caper stands. Please excuse the list, but I want to make sure I cover the key points.If you [...]

Sailing from Key West to Havana Update2019-02-27T05:49:40+00:00