Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Hope & Joy.

This year, 2020, has been difficult for everyone worldwide. This is a year we will remember and talk about for the rest of our lives.

My dear friend Regina Flynn captured this image of the light house at Winter Island in Salem, MA. The Christmas wreath, the snow, the beacon of light, and the wonder of the open water bring to me hope and joy.

We are locked down and separated from our family and friends. Zoom fatigue. TP shortages. Another dinner of leftovers. Long nights and isolation, even loneliness.

The days ahead will be difficult for many reasons. But we also have many reasons for hope.

Monday is the Winter Solstice. Beginning next Tuesday, the days will get longer. Spring and then the warmth of summer will be with us again.

The creation of the COVID vaccine is a true miracle of science that has never happened with this speed in human history. Soon, we will be with each other in person. We will laugh and cry together. We will give each other hugs and toast with a Dark and Stormy.

And my wish for you this Christmas is that you will imagine what can be and feel hope for the days ahead. My wish is that you will find joy in the many things we can look forward to and be thankful for.

I cannot resist sharing again our Christmas sailing image.

Santa in sailboat with Christmas lights

My best wishes to you and your family.

I hope we will be together again soon.