CHARIAD Sail to Gloucester Tall Ships Race – Sunday

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: The Gloucester Tall Ships Festive is this weekend. Tall ships from the East Coast are in Gloucester to the Festival. Weather Sunday will be great. A fun day for a sail. Join me for a Social Sail to watch the Tall Ships race off Gloucester Sunday. Social Sailing Details On Dock Time 11:00 AM Location Boston Yacht Club, One Front Street, Marblehead Parking On [...]

CHARIAD’s Hood Regatta – Update and New Pics

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: My first report to you on the Hood Regatta last weekend has been fact checked and needs some updating and clarification. And we have off the boat pictures from the regatta. Those of you who know me well understand I will not recognize misspelling my own name. The correct spelling of the boat that finished 2nd in our class was Sirocco. The racing on Sunday was [...]

CHARIAD Finishes 3rd in Ted Hood Regatta

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: CHARIAD sailed in her most competitive regatta of the season this past weekend. We finished 3rd in class against very competitive boats. My bottom line was that we did well. But the two boats that finished above us sailed a little better than we did. Our debrief covered our being a little slower getting the spin up and a little slower getting the spin down and [...]

Friends of CHARIAD Lakeside Party – This Saturday – Final Notice

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: JOIN FUN & INTERESTING FRIENDS OF CHARIAD FOR AN ON THE LAKE PARTY! THIS SATURDAY, AUG. 17 Shayna is graciously or foolishly hosting a Friends of CHARIAD party at her lakeside villa. Gathering Details Date Sat. Aug. 17 Time 6:30 PM to whenever Your Contribution If you want to eat it or drink it, bring it. And some to share. If you like to [...]

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