Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

2020 is behind us and we have made it to Feb of 2021. We are weeks away from warm weather and not a whole winter away. And folks, our most vulnerable first, are now getting the COVID vaccine. All good things to report.

CHARIAD Wins Another Award

The Boston Yacht Club awarded CHARIAD its Lillie Trophy for the best handicap race performance by a BYC boat for 2020.

Big thanks to the BYC for recognizing our performance during a challenging year. Here is my memory of the typical award ceremony during 2020.

We were drenched and celebrating by ourselves. No awards and no story telling with other teams. But we made something happen for the season when many others did not.

Each of active 2020 crew got a trophy to put on their deck to commemorate the sailing season they made happen. Here is the image on the trophy.

CHARIAD image and text that appears on sailing season trophy

This Sunday is Super Bowl day. The Patriots did not make it into the playoffs much less the Super Bowl. But I know many of us will be watching and enjoying the traditions and excitement of the game.

We received a wonderful Christmas note from former crew member Marek Horak with his wonderful family.

Former CHARIAD crew member, Marek, and his family in Christmas greeting

Marek lives in the Czech Republic and reports on his kids building their sailing skills for the time they can join the CHARIAD crew.

Many of you know Paul and Ann Martin. I think of the fresh ice cream Paul has made on Richard Side’s deck during a crew party. Paul and Ann spent the last two winter in Key West and this winter they are on the beach near Los Angeles. And Paul is “working” full time.

Clearly, I have figured out how to live my life the way others have.

I have a fun update on the CHARIAD crew that I plan to send out over the weekend.

I hope you are well.