Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

The 2021 sailing season is finally underway. CHARIAD won its first race – and won big.

The Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead hosted its annual Summerset Regatta this past Sunday. The course was a 21 miles shallow triangle down towards Boston and back. Winds mostly from the SE 10 to 13 knots.

OK, our team performance was “uneven” to start. How do we do that spin set? But we improved and improved and improved.

CHARIAD was the only official Class B boat, but the race was done with one start for ten boats. We beat all the boats on corrected time and most by A LOT.

The first windward leg had a wind shift to the left. The fleet split with some going left including us and others went right. We tacked onto port just below the lay line. Others went far over the lay line or were on the wrong side of the persistent shift. We were racing against a much faster J 120 and they beat us to the windward mark by about a minute after 8 ? miles. Smarts or luck made up for being a “slower” boat.

Crew member Doris on board CHARIAD

On the long reach from the Boston channel light to Newcome’s Ledge, we flew the staysail. This is Doris executing on “when in doubt, let it out.”

The CYC did not hold this race last year. Just making this race happen is a big accomplishment for the club and for our team. After the race, the CYC allowed non-members to come to club for an award’s ceremony. The yacht clubs, including the BYC, have prohibited non-members from coming to the club. There was doubt the CYC launch would allow us on their boat, but in the end they did.

The rest of the story. The awards ceremony began by the race committee chair thanking CHARIAD for supporting the race for many years. I did not hear the recognition because I was in the bar getting a Blue Moon. The committee than gave a 2 ½ foot tall trophy to a CYC boat that we beat in the race. The trophy only goes to a CYC member. They said they would mail us a trophy!

OK, it could not have been a better day on the water and a better start to the 2021 sailing season.

New Boat News

I have held off getting an update to you on a possible new boat. For a while I have thought about purchasing a new boat that is set up for spending non-racing time on the boat. CHARIAD is a Ferrari. She is a superb racing boat. But she is set up for racing and is not an ideal weekend or vacation sailing boat.

Over the winter, I began exploring other boats. A special situation came up with an estate sale of a J 130 that has not been used for several years. I put the boat under agreement sight unseen at an attractive price. Say what you will, I bought CHARIAD sight unseen. Demonstratively foolish or very insightful.

I now own two boats. I know eyes are rolling. And, there is not an ending to this story as I am telling it to you.

Sailboat Sea Hawk renamed Magic

The boat has been renamed Magic. She is currently at a marina in Fall River, MA, being renovated. She was neglected and was a trash heap when I purchased her in April. But she will be quite something when ready to come north including hot water and refrigeration.

At this moment, I have not decided whether Magic is the right long-term boat for me or a great opportunity to bring a terrific boat back and sell her to someone who will take her forward. Arguments are on both sides. I can say that I have come to appreciate the J 130 more as I have gotten to know her better. In some ways, she is a longer version of CHARIAD.

Going Forward

Today is liberation day from most COVID restrictions in Massachusetts. My fingers are crossed that we will not return to the lockdowns that controlled our lives for the last year. Some folks are still wearing masks but mostly at Whole Foods and lower income neighborhoods like Chelsea. I hope someone is doing a social study of why people wore masks at different times during the pandemic.

I hope this note finds you well. I have missed spending time with you and other friends. Please think about reconnecting in person. I want to do that on the water with a Social Sail or off the water at a fun gathering.

Be well,