Lewis & Clark Trail – My Trail of Exploration

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: Next week, I begin retracing much of the Lewis and Clark Trail of Exploration. They were chartered by Pres. Thomas Jefferson to explore the newly acquired northern reaches of the Louisiana Purchase and try to find a waterway to the Pacific Ocean. They established the American claim on what is now the upper Mid-West, mountain west, Washington and Oregon. The maps and vast collections of plants [...]

CHARIAD Completes Buzzards Bay Regatta

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: CHARIAD and her mighty crew are back from a tough three day Buzzards Bay Regatta. We had high points, low points, great sailing, hard work and lots of laughs. Once again, the BBR printed program – as well as the BBR website – featured the picture below of our boat on the front cover. Here is an image that was taken on Sunday. We did [...]


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Dear Friend of CHARIAD:Sorry for my tardy updates. I am definitely a sailor with a working problem. Too much going on.If you want to keep current, join the 50 or so members of the Friends of CHARIAD group on Facebook. There is where you will get the latest updates and pictures. I will soon be put out of business.Buzzards Bay RegattaThis Friday is the beginning of the Buzzards Bay Regatta. This will [...]

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