CHARIAD Shirts & Hats

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: Sorry for these two emails together. I don’t want to mix the message. Melisa and Elisabeth are working hard to finalize the order for the CHARIAD shirts and hats. Please take a moment and let them know what you want. Please send your note to M&E and not to me. They are the reliable ones. Here are your options with approx. prices. Golf shirts, white cotton   [...]

CHARIAD Wins Patton Bowl – Party Saturday!

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: CHARIAD won Class B at the Patton Bowl regatta sponsored by the Manchester Yacht Club on Sunday. We got the gun after a long race that started in 3 knots of wind and ended in 16 knots. The win reflected a terrific performance by the crew driving the boat upwind first in light wind and later in 14 – 16 knots and a final run [...]

CHARIAD Shirts & Hats & July 4th

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: Sorry! I mistakenly sent you a note intended for the racing crew yesterday. I try not to clutter your In Box. Here are a couple of updates that may be of interest to you. CHARIAD Shirts & Hats The CHARIAD crew is ordering new golf shirts, T shirts and hats. You have seen these in the pictures. You just saw a picture of Jack McMullen [...]

CHARIAD Wins Gold – Again

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: CHARIAD and her valiant crew competed in the Hospice Regatta on Sunday sponsored by the Boston Yacht Club in Marblehead. We got two guns and won Class B of the Regatta. The trophy was a framed picture of the boat taken during the race and a bottle of rum. You can see the focus of our crew. These boats race under a handicap rating system [...]

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