Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

(Please start using my new email)

The CHARIAD crew held its annual end of the season crew dinner (brunch this year) at the Boston YC on Sunday. The BYC gave us the entire downstairs dining room for the gathering.

The trophies we won were on display plus a slide show of photos from our sailing.


I hope to get the sideshow into a format that will be visible online. If that is possible, I will get you a link. I was surprised how many great photos we captured.

Our Complex Lives

Planning a gathering like this includes asking folks to all show up at one place at the same time: Sunday at 11:30 AM at the Boston YC.

Many of us could make the gathering part of our lives. Some could not. Some needed to keep their distance to protect themselves and their families. We also heard stories about what this wonderful group of interesting people are doing.

Andrew Chester is in Dublin at Med School. Rick Guardia is visiting family in Panama. Richard Sides is somewhere in North Carolina with his daughter. Paul Martin was flying back from Mexico. Paul and Ann were swimming with whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez last Wednesday. Stuart has been radio silent. Whatever he was doing probably had something to do with Michigan football. Armaan was making some creation in his bedroom that he has not told his parents about.

One of my joys is knowing you – the interesting people who make up the CHARIAD community.

My Photography

Maria’s Java Sun coffee shop at 35 Atlantic Avenue in Marblehead opened with the art exhibit including three of my photographs.


I dropped by the café last week to see the exhibit. Was fun for me to see some of the images you see from time to time on display for a larger audience.

If you get to Marblehead, drop by the Café and thank them for going to the extra effort to include the art exhibit.

One of my after-hours activities is going back through my photographs and identifying images that I believe are worth making visible publicly. A collection of these will be visible online probably by Jan. 1. At some point, a website will host them and make them available for purchase.

Here are two images that have surfaced from this review.


green leaves with red edges rick williams photo

My photography is not just about boats and sailing.

I hope you have a joyful Thanksgiving. This will be a more limited Thanksgiving gathering than usual. But I will be sharing the thankfulness and joy in my heart with everyone I can touch directly and indirectly.

My best wishes for you and your family.