Awards & Boats on the Beach in China

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: Quick update on a cold, wet, miserable day in Boston. Friday night, CHARIAD was given the third place award for the best performance for all of Massachusetts Bay in Class B. I was somewhat surprised by the award in light of our slow start for the season. Our early races were not strong as we re-built our team. Several great crew members were not on [...]

Thoughts on November 9, 2019

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: I am writing this note Saturday morning November 9, 2019. I intend to spend part of today writing my book. Nine of 14 chapters are in good draft form. Before working on Chapter 7, I want to share a few thoughts from today. Berlin Wall Comes Down Thirty years ago today, the Berlin Wall was opened. Over the next months, the enslaved populations of [...]

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