Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

I believe the only CHARIAD crew member doing the Halifax Race which started from Marblehead Sunday afternoon is Richard Sides on Elke Backman’s Frers 36 Saraband. They are sailing the race as a “doublehanded crew” just Elke and Richard on the boat. Richard sailed on CHARIAD when we did the race several years ago. And Richard has been our wonderful host at his home for many CHARIAD parties in Marblehead. Many of you have met Elke at Richard’s home.

If you go to you will see the boat tracks off Nova Scotia.

When CHARIAD did the race, we finished about 5 PM on Wed. We were becalmed for about 4 hours about 20 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia and took all the sails down. Does not look promising for Saraband to finish

Here is picture with Herb Loeffler and me after we got to Halifax.

Rick Williams with Mounty and Herb in Halifax Nova Scotia

We brought the boat back from Halifax leaving on Friday and returning to Marblehead on Monday. We did not have enough fuel on board to motor back and sailed whenever we could. CHARIAD is a sailboat! At the point when we were close enough to home that we knew we could get home even if there were no more wind, the broke out the rum for a toast.

Sailing Halifax race halfway home on CHARIAD

Richard Sides is at the helm. Jonathan Green – between Richard and me – is now racing a high performance single handed boat at the professional sailing level around the world.

Social Sail

The weather is promising for a Social Sail Sat or Sun this coming weekend. Stay tuned.