Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

We had more than, not sure, 15 people on board for the fireworks over Marblehead Harbor last night. What a wonderful time with great people, a beautiful night on the water, and fantastic fireworks in the night sky.

With some hesitation, will they let us back in town, you are invited to come out Sunday to watch the start of the Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race. The harbor is jammed with boats from all over the US east coast and Canada ready to start the race Sunday afternoon.

CHARIAD raced to Halifax several years ago and we won the club trophy representing the BYC.

Here are the details.

On Dock Time

11:00 AM


Boston Yacht Club, One Front Street, Marblehead


On street. Parking will be crazy so allow time if you will not already be in Marblehead.

Food & Drinks

If you want to eat it or drink it, bring it. Plus some to share. Think camping.


VERY IMPORTANT  If you want to be on board, you have to be at the BYC at 11:00 AM. The launch service will only take us out as a group. If you come later, you will not be able to come out to the boat.


Let me know if you can come. We have room for a limited number of folks on the boat and I need to keep track of who is planning to be there.

Hope you are well.