Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Tomorrow, Friday, night CHARIAD races from Marblehead to Provincetown. This will be our first real race – meaning we are actually racing for the whole race. We went out this past Sunday for a long race to the entrance of Boston Harbor and back but were not able to fly the spinnaker on the 8 mile leg back because of a mechanical breakdown with the spin pole.

CHARIAD and her brave crew will arrive in P’town just in time for Bear Week. I will let you do some Googling to develop your understanding of Bear Week. Let say that John “the Baptist” Bishop will be singing his traditional “I just want to be your teddy bear” song – with his shirt open at the Saturday night karaoke festivities at the Bradford House.

Marek Horak was a stalwart foredeck crew member on this race in 2011. Marek sent best wishes to the crew from the Czech Republic. I know you will enjoy the poster the Marek made up after the race.

Hope you are well. I will get you a report when we are back from Bear Week – aka Beringer Race to Provincetown.