Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

This has to be a teaser note because I am still wobbling from the last three days of sailing and rushing to leave for the Buzzards Bay Regatta on Friday.

Beringer Race

We have had three races. We had to drop out of the first because of a mechanical problem. The 2nd race was the Beringer Race from Marblehead to Provincetown. Beringer is an overnight race. We finished a little after 3 AM and came in 4th out of 9 boats. This was a great result for the first real race of the season when we were up against really well sailed boats that have been racing since May.

You may remember that the Boston Globe published an article last year about CHARIAD in the Beringer race – reprinted all over the world. This year’s race warrants another. I will put together another note and include the video from the after race karaoke when the new star – Johnnie B – was discovered.

Scituate Invitational Regatta

This past Saturday, CHARIAD competed in the Scituate Invitational Regatta and finished 1st out of 5 boats. Thank goodness the 1st place trophy was something useful – a bottle of rum.

Scituate Invitational Regatta CHARIAD sailboat racing crew

This was a great race for the boat and crew. The winds were in the high teens and low 20’s. We did not have high waves, but the crew was challenged to manage the spin sets and take downs in difficult conditions when we are doing close to 10 knots downwind. I was really proud of how well the boat was sailed again very fast boats that came down from Boston and the North Shore to do the regatta.

On Sunday, a delivery crew took the boat to Marion on Buzzards Bay to be ready for the Buzzards Bay Regatta that starts on Friday. Sometimes these deliveries are a fun time to relax on the boat. This time we ran into at least 20 knot winds coming up Buzzards Bay while the current is running directly down the Bay. The standing waves were not as bad as I have seen them in the past but this is like skiing in moguls with the boat crashing off the back side of the waves.

Hope you are enjoying the summer.