Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

While searching for a contact on LinkedIn, I clicked on a profile and to my surprise found this photograph as the guy’s background. I soon remembered that he was a Friend of CHARIAD. Fun pop for my day.

CHARIAD is now on the hard for the winter.

Sad to see snow in October and CHARIAD out of the water. This is a year we will remember for the rest of our lives.

CHARIAD gave a purpose to many of us who brought her to life and helped her strut her stuff.

I hope to do a photo recap of our season when I have a few minutes. When??

New Email

I am moving to a new personal email. Here are the two emails you should use for me.



Going forward, your notes about CHARIAD will be coming from my gmail account. Please put both emails in your contacts so my notes will not bounce.

I have hesitated for some time making this change. The lockdown has gone on for so long that I have completed all the chores I have used as an excuse to postpone asking you to start using my gmail email. I know I will not get this change straight for a while, but it is long overdue. My Equity100 is a “work email” that I have been using as a personal email. I will still have the Equity100 email as a backup work email. Going forward, I want to keep my personal communications on a personal gmail account.

Photo Exhibition

My photography will be included in an art exhibition in Marblehead starting this weekend. The Java Sun coffee/sandwiches shop at 35 Atlantic Avenue in Marblehead is reopening. They will have pieces from several artists displayed. I was asked if they could exhibit three of my photographs. I understand they will be on display starting this weekend with their official opening on Monday.

Drop by and let me know what you think. I was told one was going in the bathroom! OK, I guess I will have a captive audience.

A small exhibit of my photographs will be opening in Concord in about a month. I will let you know.

This has come from requests to show my photography. I do not have time to promote my art for exhibits. I hope over the winter to organize the top images and at least get them accessible.

Be well. And make your life into an experience you enjoy.