Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

This is not a sailing report – well mostly not a sailing report.

CHARIAD was featured in the Marblehead Reporter in their article about the Ted Hood Regatta that we won.

This past Sunday, we had a race scheduled hosted by the Boston YC in Marblehead. The On Dock Time for the CHARIAD crew was 9 AM and we were fully mustered and ready to race.

For our Friends not in the Boston area, Sunday was a very foggy day and there was no wind. We waited inside the BYC for three hours. Eventually, the racing was cancelled – three guns.

CHARIAD sailing crew waits for the fog to lift and the wind to pick up

We are expecting tropical storm winds and waves this week in Marblehead from storm Jose. So part of the crew went out to secure the boat to stay on her mooring through the blow. My fingers are crossed.

We then had the Patriots game and were relieved that the Pats did well and Gronk seems to be OK.

The fog had lifted in the harbor about noon just as the three guns were sounded. Still no wind. Later in the afternoon, the fog came back in. I captured one image of the Marblehead boats and the afternoon sun. I hope you can see the circles and waves from the sun.

Marblehead, MA moored sailboats in the for and sun

I then went over to Manchester and captured two images from the dock at the Manchester YC.

Moored sailboats in the fog at Manchester Yacht Club, MA

foggy afternoon view from the dock at Manchester Yacht Club

Often the images that we capture on the water are bright colors of powerful scenes. The picture at the top of this post captures CHARIAD beating upwind in a cluster of competitors.

These images taken in the fog are studies in subtleties. There is much more going on than our first impression of a foggy day suggests.

I hope you will enjoy these.

My best,