Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

You heard the story about the former commodore of the Eastern YC crashing into CHARIAD on July 4th and the boat being out of the water for the full month of July while being repaired.

Shortly after she was re-launched in August, CHARIAD won the Storm Trysail Ted Hood Regatta. A remarkable recovery in what was probably the most competitive regatta we have sailed in recent years.

Because we missed all the racing in July, there was no way we could be competitive for the overall season rankings. Then came the fall and there was no wind for the last three or four races of the season.

OK – as we sometimes say about the Red Sox – “there is always next year.”

I was reading the Boston Yacht Club magazine last week and they included a report that CHARIAD had – for the second year in a row – won the overall Season Championship for Marblehead PHRF Class B. I did not know that we had won, but this is another huge tribute to the CHARIAD team. We also won some hardware for the overall Mass Bay series.

I leave it up to the bean counters to get the results right, but great teams make the most of every situation.

CHARIAD 2017 Season Poster

The CHARIAD 2016 Season poster is on display in many special spots across New England – including several bathrooms! North Sails and Marblehead Trading have the poster up so their customers will know they support the team.

Shayna Loeffler has designed the CHARIAD 2017 Season Poster.

We will be getting a number of these in a 12 inch tall format. Let me know if you want a copy to post on your shelf or in your bathroom.

Make the Most of Every Moment

Finishing this poster was one of Shayna’s last acts of good will before flying to Seattle to spend the holidays with her son Evan. I got a note yesterday that she was on a train outside of Seattle stopped on the tracks because of a train crash ahead. For those outside the US, a speeding train went off the tracks outside of Seattle falling onto the highway below killing a number of passengers.

Christmas on the Charles River

If you drive west on Storrow Drive at night from the Science Museum end of Storrow at this time of year, you will see Rudolf pulling the lighted sailboat on the Community Sailing dock.

Santa in sailboat with Christmas lights

This scene is one of my Boston delights. A midnight black ops mission was required to capture this image.

Sip some eggnog with a little rum and remember the fun times we have had on the water. I believe the days get longer starting today!

My best,