Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

I got notification last night that CHARIAD won the Claddagh Cup for the 2018 season. The Cup is awarded to the Boston Yacht Club boat  “to honor the best BYC skipper in BYC events for the year. Of all BYC skippers, and a fine crew, you got the most points in BYC sponsored weekend races, including the Memorial Day Regatta, Beringer, Hodder, and Chowder Cup.”

This is another recognition of the superb performance by the full CHARIAD team and especially the crew on the boat. We did not just have one good race or regatta but consistently did well over the whole season.

Sailing from Key West to Havana

Four of our “crew” are joining three “Friends” for the sail from Key West to Havana at the end of February. We have the boat set to go. At the moment, we are not able to apply for US Coast Guard approval to sail to Cuba from the US because of the government shutdown. Hoping for mature behavior in DC may be futile. But we are on hold at the moment.

Los Angeles Picture

Some of you followed my safari adventure on Facebook and then my time in Los Angeles. Here are two images from LA.

As many times as I have been to LA, I had never seen the “Hollywood” sign that is so emblematic of the city. Turns out that the sign is very difficult to find and see in person. I did go in to the hills and find the sign.

An auto museum is being built by redeveloping a large existing building. They have covered the exterior of the building with a new façade that has nothing to do with cars but is visually interesting. Here is the façade being put to good use.

Hope you are well.