Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

If you will in the Boston area Sunday, join other Friends of CHARIAD for a wonderful summer Social Sail. No spinnaker work!

Social Sail Details

On Dock Time

11:00 AM


Boston Yacht Club, One Front Street, Marblehead


On street is available near the BYC. Allow time to find the parking and get to the club.

Food & Drinks

If you want to eat it or drink it, bring it. Plus some to share. Think camping.


Warm summer day, but always cooler on the water. Windbreaker is good addition.


VERY IMPORTANT  If you want to be on board, you have to be at the BYC at 11:00 AM. The launch service will only take us out as a group. If you come later, you will not be able to come out to the boat.


Let me know if you can come. We have room for a limited number of folks on the boat and I need to keep track of who is planning to be there.

Beringer Race – Overnight Marblehead to Provincetown

Last Friday night, the CHARIAD team raced the boat from Marblehead to a mark off Hull and then SW to the SW tip of Cape Cod and then to Provincetown. We started about 7:30 PM and finished at 2:30 AM. Fast run on a beautiful summer night mostly in SW winds of 15 knots.

We won this race last year in lighter winds that were shifting and gave us an opportunity to play the winds rather than be in a reaching speed race. We sailed the boat hard and I am happy with how we performed as a team.

Here are pics from the race. These are Allison Conboy’s images.

This is our class starting.

CHARIAD's starting class in sailing race to Provincetown


Provincetown sunset after sailing race for CHARIAD

Sunrise on the mooring in P’town.

Provincetown CHARIAD mooring sunrise

The Pilgrims first landing in the New World was in P’town. They did not like the bars staying open all night, so they went to Plymouth where they stepped on Plymouth Rock 1620. This is the monument to the Pilgrims first landing copying the design of the tower on the square in Siena, Italy.

Provincetown pilgrim monument

We sailed back to Marblehead Sunday. Here is the lighthouse on the sand spit leaving the harbor.

View of P'town lighthouse as CHARIAD leaves harbor

We went across Stellwagen Bank looking for whales, but did not see any this time.

Hope to see you Sunday. To our Friends in far away places, my best wishes. Come this way when you can.