Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Please join other Friends of CHARIAD for the first Summer of 2013 CHARIAD BBQ.


6:30 PM and onwards


Summer BBQ with sailing theme

Your Contribution

“If you want to eat it or drink it – bring it” Plus some to share.

Richard will have the grill going and some paper plates & cups. We will make this as fun a party for Richard as possible so he will have us back again. His boat will be launched on Thursday.

Come if you can. No RSVP.

Just come and bring a friend – and you will make new friends.

Boat Work Update

We had a great turnout for the Day at the Boat Yard last Saturday. Several non-racing Friends came.

We will be at the Dion’s yard again this Saturday from 10 AM to about 1 PM. Come over if you can and want to help out. My hope is that this will be the last effort before the fiberglass and painting repair work that Dion’s is supposed to do. After that work is complete, we will have some assembly and last touch up before the boat is launched.

I am attaching some pictures from last Saturday. The boat is in the paint shed with only a little head room above the deck. Note John Bishop contemplating his next legal case and the meticulous work cleaning the winches. The interior of the boat is pulled apart so the bilge can be cleaned. The lawyers are the one dressed up in the their space suits inside a closed shed. You figure. There was so much going on that I did not get pictures of a lot of the folks who contributed on Saturday.

If you can help this coming Saturday, the address for the yard is Dion’s, 23 Glendale Street, Salem. The boat is in a shed on the right as you go in the yard – small door entry to the shed. The boat yard time is actually fun.

Boston Strong

I went to Trinity Church in Copley Square this past Sunday to repent for the unkind words I have said about the speediness of the boatyard. After the service, I walked past the bombing locations on Boylston Street. For those of you not in the Boston area, I thought you might want to see what the area looks like now. Many of the hats, shoe, signs, stuffed animals, etc. that were left at the bomb sites have been gathered inside a space in Copley Square. The first bomb went off in front of Marathon Sports across from the Boston Public Library. The 2nd bomb went off two blocks further up Boylston in front of the Forum – I believe a bar/restaurant. You will see the blue and yellow color theme. Those are the colors of the Boston Marathon. In a moment of inspiration, the city persuaded everyone to join one fundraising effort called One Fund and get all contributions going to that fund. Huge success.

I felt like crying when I saw how people expressed their feelings about the bombing and the aftermath. Being cynical about human behavior will not steer you wrong about what might happen in life. Seeing what did happen after the bombing was an expression of how we can come together and create something better than we are alone. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

See you Saturday.