CHARIAD Shirts & Hats & July 4th


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: Sorry! I mistakenly sent you a note intended for the racing crew yesterday. I try not to clutter your In Box. Here are a couple of updates that may be of interest to you. CHARIAD Shirts & Hats The CHARIAD crew is ordering new golf shirts, T shirts and hats. You have seen these in the pictures. You just saw a picture of Jack McMullen [...]

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CHARIAD Wins Gold – Again


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: CHARIAD and her valiant crew competed in the Hospice Regatta on Sunday sponsored by the Boston Yacht Club in Marblehead. We got two guns and won Class B of the Regatta. The trophy was a framed picture of the boat taken during the race and a bottle of rum. You can see the focus of our crew. These boats race under a handicap rating system [...]

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First Race – First Gun


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: The CHARIAD team dominated the 1st race of 2016 season. Two races - two guns. Light to medium spotty wind. On corrected time, we finished 1:16 min before #2 boat in 1st race and 2:21 min before #2 boat in 2nd race. Very fast upwind and held on enough downwind. Rich Hersey on Native Dancer captured this image as we were coming down the last spin [...]

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CHARIAD Party Wrap Up


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: Wonderful seeing so many of you last Saturday night at the CHARIAD Launch Party. At least 40 Friends came to Richard Sides home in Marblehead – probably more. Lots of stories, laughs, new friendships, renewed friendships and incredible food and drinks. CHARIAD is having her first race this Saturday. The weather looks great for an inaugural race. The crew has been practicing and we are taking [...]

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She Swims!


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: The mighty CHARIAD swims again. She was launched for the 2016 sailing season this past Thursday. Each of us marks the progression of the year in different ways. For me, gathering the CHARIAD crew to go to the boat yard marks the transition from winter to spring. Launching the boat marks the transition from spring to summer. April is still on the calendar. The seasons have [...]

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Cape Horn Rounding!


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: Joe Harris has just rounded Cape Horn at the bottom of Argentina. See his update below. If you go to www.gryphonsolo2.com you will see his track across the Pacific and around the Horn. This is a huge milestone in his single handed sail around the world in a 40 boat. If you look at the track and zoom in on the Cape, you will see Port Williams. I [...]

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CHARIAD Welsh Christmas & Web Site Launch


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: You are getting two notes from me because I talk too much and I am disappearing for a couple of weeks. New Website On Tuesday, I am launching a new web site about my CEO and board advisory work. You can get a sneak preview and check out the site at williamsadvisorypartners.com. Some of you will see the announcement, but most will not because you are [...]

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Special Request


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: I want you to take a moment to hear the story of a close “Friend” and to take another moment to help our friend. Maureen McKinnon has already won the Gold Medal sailing in the Olympics. Maureen is campaigning to win the gold again in the next Olympics. Here is the rest of the story. When Maureen gets up in the morning to begin her day, [...]

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Race Around the World to Beat the Record


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: This weekend, Joe Harris will leave Newport, RI, on his 40 foot mono hull sailboat, solo Gryphon, and attempt to break the single handed record for sailing around the world without stopping. This past Saturday five CHARIAD community folks went to Newport for a reception on the dock of the Newport Ship Yard to tour the boat and wish Joe God Speed as he undertakes [...]

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CHARIAD Wins Manchester YC Fall Regatta


Dear Friend of CHARIAD: Just a quick note to share with you the news that the CHARIAD team won the Manchester YC Fall Regatta yesterday – Sunday. Really terrific crew work both upwind and down wind. We had two races in the off shore area between Baker’s Island and Gloucester Harbor with the wind generally out of the SE. With the first race in light air, 5 – 7 knots, [...]

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