Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Wonderful seeing so many of you last Saturday night at the CHARIAD Launch Party. At least 40 Friends came to Richard Sides home in Marblehead – probably more.

Lots of stories, laughs, new friendships, renewed friendships and incredible food and drinks.

CHARIAD is having her first race this Saturday. The weather looks great for an inaugural race. The crew has been practicing and we are taking this race as a learning/training day to build our team performance.

Social Sails

The warm weather this weekend encourages me to think about the Social Sails we will have. Let me know if you want to know when I am putting together a Social Sail. These are a lot of fun and a great way to spend some quality time with very interesting folks. I usually put the gang together several days in advance and then hope that the weather will cooperate over the weekend.

My Updated Website

My CEO and board advisory website has just been updated. Come for a visit. Even though my thought leadership is published nationally and I am speaking all over the place, people are asking what I actually do for “my day job.” You guys probably think I am sailing all of the time. I actually wish I had more time for sailing.  I am moderating a terrific program June 15 at the Harvard Club entitled “Gray Hair to Flip Flops – Leadership of a Multi-Generational Workforce.” I got the world experts together to train me how to lead the CHARIAD crew! Come to the program if you can. Info HERE.

Party Follow Up

Richard Sides was very generous hosting our Friends party at his home. I told folks coming that we needed to clean up before we left so Richard would have us back.

I spent some time with Richard Sunday morning. We did a great job cleaning up his home at the end of the party. He liked having the party at his house and likes the effort to take care of his home. He thought it was more cleaned up after the party than before.

Richard gave me three knives that were left at the house.

Do these belong to you cowgirls or cowboys?

As a heads up, there is a discussion underway about chipping in to buy Richard a new gas grill for his back porch. His grill did not work so all of the “grilling” happened in the kitchen oven. Sandy Campbell is looking into options at the Lowe’s in NH where he works and can get an employee discount.

When we know the options, I will send out a note asking if some of our gang will chip in $20 each to buy Richard a new grill as thanks for all he has done for the CHARIAD community. And hopes that he will have us back for a summer party to use the “CHARIAD Grill” on his back porch.

My best,