Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

You are getting two notes from me because I talk too much and I am disappearing for a couple of weeks.

New Website

On Tuesday, I am launching a new web site about my CEO and board advisory work. You can get a sneak preview and check out the site at Some of you will see the announcement, but most will not because you are not on my “business email” list. I wrote a “thought piece” entitled “Firing Your Best Friend” about the difficulty founders of companies and founding teams have making the transition from initial success to growth to scale. I will write similar pieces every month or so. Let me know if you want to be on the business list to get these articles and updates.

The Firing Your Best Friend piece was published in the Boston Business Journal and then picked up by the parent of BBJ and published in all 43 of their city papers around the country.

Christmas in Wales

I hope you remember that the word CHARIAD is an old Welsh work – as in old English – meaning love. While we have the fierce Welsh dragon as our emblem, in the end love is what really matters.

Last night, Friday night, a number of CHARIAD friends went to the Christmas Revels at Sanders Theater in Harvard Square. Thanks to Sandy Campbell for organizing – an honorary Welshman. The theme of this year’s Revels performances is a Christmas in Wales. The Welsh love to sing. There is a rich heritage to draw from including a song about the sailor’s longing to be home.

One of the founding stories of Wales is of the red dragon rescuing the people from the evil white dragon – notice the British flag on the tail of the white dragon.

You can see that the CHARIAD and Welsh dragon was much on display at Sander’s Theater.

But in the end – love is what matters most.

I hope you have a joyful Christmas and a wonderful New Year.