Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Quick update on a cold, wet, miserable day in Boston.

Friday night, CHARIAD was given the third place award for the best performance for all of Massachusetts Bay in Class B. I was somewhat surprised by the award in light of our slow start for the season. Our early races were not strong as we re-built our team. Several great crew members were not on board for the 2019 season, and we needed time to re-build and get in winning mode. We got there by the fall with lots of hard work.

Lance Ryley gave us the award. Lance owns Rocket 2.0 and was a strong competitor all season. Lance was given the sailor of the year award for his strong support of sailing in Mass Bay and the introduction of the ORRez handicap system that is replacing PHRF. He has been a great sailor and a friend of CHARIAD.

My son, Steven, is frequently in Asia with his work for Applied Materials. Steve sends me occasional photos on his travels. Here are two from China.

Boats on beach in China

Boats near shore in China

Several of Steve’s photos showed beaches. Not one person was on a beach. I asked if he know why no one was on the beaches. Some beaches had signs saying “danger, sticky mud” or something similar. But this is a mystery.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope to make progress on my book and enjoy a turkey leg.

Be well.