Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Race Update

This past Sunday, we raced in the Manchester YC regatta. Floated around with little wind and finally got underway for two races. Our biggest competition was a very well sailed Farr 30 that is a light sport boat that is much faster than we are on close reaches. The first race was a close jib reach to the windward mark and a close spin reach to the leeward mark – two legs. The Farr 30 won. The second race was twice around with more beating to the windward mark. We did a better job getting into the stronger patches of wind and won the race. We would have beaten all the Class A boats if we had been scored with them.

The Farr 30 got the 1st place trophy because the beat us by more in the 1st race than we beat them in the 2nd race. But a great day of sailing overall.


We motored back to Marblehead as the Sunday sun was setting. A truly remarkable sunset.