Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

I have some good news and a reminder.

The correct date for the CHARIAD Meet Up is Wed. March 26. Sorry for my confusing everyone by including two different dates in my earlier email. And thanks to Ellen for getting the correct date to many of you.

Please come share a fun evening with other Friends of CHARIAD – very interesting folks!


Wednesday, March 26


6 PM and onward


Tavern on the Common,
1815 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

Old Sears building – parking behind the building

All you have to do is show up. Find our gang and the fun begins.

This Saturday night, March 22, is the Housing Families huge Celebrity Chef party/gala. I am on the board of Housing Families and am also encouraging folks to come have fun, make a contribution or whatever you can do. Go to

That is where the March 22 confusion came into my invite to the Meet Up.

Good News

Yesterday, I had what I hope will be the last CAT Scan of my head to evaluate the injury from my fall on the snow in mid-December. The blood that has been on my brain – OK, I have gotten used to talking about this – has substantially been re-absorbed. The likelihood of brain surgery to drain the fluid is mostly gone.

This is very good news. They wanted to drain the fluid at the start of this process. You can imagine that I was not excited about drilling a couple of holes in my head. My understanding is that my situation was just on the edge of having to do the surgery or holding off in hopes that the blood would be re-adsorbed. Holding off seems to have worked, though I have had to deal with significant trauma symptoms and side effects of the drugs.

I am grateful for the many calls and notes from you. Your friendship and concern has touched me deeply.

My Florida Trip

Another item of good news is that I came back Monday night from a trip to Florida to visit my daughter in Naples and some friends in Miami. Coming back to cold Boston is not good news, but the fun time in 80 degrees and sunshine was a great relief from our snow and cold.

I am attaching a couple of photos. One is of Fenway South where the Red Sox are training now. You will see an alligator – about 8 feet. Jessie Witherspoon arrived in Miami carrying a large alligator hand bag. I suggested that she not carry the bag if she went into the Everglades. Jo Ann Mathieu hosted Jessie and me in Coconut Grove and Miami. You will see an image from the Coconut Grove Yacht Club where Jo Ann is a member. The BYC burgee hangs in the bar. You will also see how St. Patrick’s Day (a well-known Welshman) is celebrated in Miami at Nikki Beach where all of the celebrities make an appearance. On Sunday night, we went to the Delano hotel to have drinks at the pool. Believe me, there is nothing like the Delano or Nikki Beach in Boston. We had our end of vacation toasts and talked over what we could tell Jessie’s boyfriend (and my dear friend), Rich Hersey, about what we had and had not done in Miami. All great fun with wonderful friends.

I hope you can understand my reluctance getting on the plane to come back to our snow and cold.

Hope to see you on Web. March 26. Housing Families is a great nonprofit. Take a look at our party this Saturday and come or help in some other way.

My best,