Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

A hardy gang of folks went out on CHARIAD at 8 AM last Saturday – wet, foggy, too early – to travel down to the entrance to Boston Harbor to see the tall ships before they paraded into Boston. Here are some pics from the outing. We had BY FAR the best viewing of the ships. A spirit of adventure does have its rewards.

This is the Spirit of Baltimore

We were up close and personal will all of the ships.

US Coast Guard Eagle

American Eagle

Graves light in the back ground.

Bouncy, wet and cloudy day. The images are scored more on the quality of the image than the size of the boat. We were up next to all of the big ships that are now tied up on the docks of Boston. For those of you not in the Boston area, the city has the highest level of security since 9/11 – probably higher. Getting on a dock to walk by the ships is the same as getting on a plane at Logan.