Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Three quick messages:

Come Sailing!

This Saturday looks like a great sailing day. I am going out for a Social Sail. If you would like to come, let me know.

On Dock Time will probably be about 10 AM and getting back around 4 – 5.

Don’t be shy. If you want to come on board for what I know will be a fun time, let me know.

Friends of CHARIAD Gather

About 45 Friends of CHARIAD had a really great time last Saturday. Richard Sides was a gracious host – many thanks.

I am attaching some pictures. In addition to a lot of lobsters, corn, home made pies and home made ice cream, and lots of laughs there were signs of sex among the lobster shells.

Mike Bruce and Dale Carder actually got married a few weeks ago and came to the Boil for their honeymoon. Not really, but it was almost as much fun. Congrats to them.

Special thanks to Kathy Gunst, it was her birthday, and to Steve Herman for organizing everyone.

CHARIAD Goes Racing

Somehow, the CHARIAD crew made it to the BYC dock at 8 AM on Sunday to crawl onto the boat and go racing. The race was off Manchester.

The boat was sailed incredibly well and fast upwind and terrible down wind. The wind was 6 – 10 knots with moderate rollers. Difficult conditions for keeping the boat going with the spin up. For a whole set of reasons that we went over in our debrief we were not working as a team to keep the boat on its feet while slopping through the waves in light air.

After the race we went into the Manchester YC for their Woodmen’s clam chowder and an elaborate buffet. Like the pirates we imagine we are, more like locusts, we jumped back on the boat and headed back to Marblehead.

This Sunday is CHARIAD last race for the season. Hard to believe, but thems the facts.