Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Boston Marathon Bombing

This past week has been a terrible experience for the Boston community. I had planned to go into Boston on Monday afternoon to watch some of the finishing runners – going to where the bombs went off. I was tied up with unimportant paper pushing and did not go in. People are really upset here. A close friend was in the stands across from where the first bomb went off but had left to go get a coffee. The young woman killed grew up near me.

Unfortunately, this type of attack if likely to be part of our world for the foreseeable future. There is no way to stop everyone who is willing to die themselves from killing and maiming lots of Americans. Sometimes they will succeed. Banning pressure cookers or registering their owners will not stop the next attack.

Visit with Don Snyder in Woodstock, NY

Mid-day on Friday, I escaped the lockdown by driving to Woodstock, NY, to spend the weekend with Don Snyder. Many of you have met Don, a prep school classmate with a colorful life story. Don lives at the edge of the Catskills Mountains – close to being “off the grid” – no TV. Great talks, Haitian Rum, drives through the mountains, BBQ on the grill, songs on the guitar and more rum.

In the photo gallery, you will see the boys with their Maryland flag. You will see a barn high up in the mountains and Ukrainian church in the forest.

When I got back to Boston on Sunday, I went into the Back Bay. The blossoms are now on the trees along the Charles and the small sailboats were racing with their colorful sails. Perfect day to walk along the river. Pics of the blossoms and the sailing.

I then walked three blocks to Newbury Street where police barricades are set up to block access down the cross streets to Boylston Street. The bombings were in front of the Boston Public Library and the Lenox Hotel/Prudential Center – if you know the area. I could see the disaster people in white coveralls working the debris area. People have left messages and little tokens on the barricades. Newbury Street was filled with people many coming from the Red Sox game that was just ending about six blocks away.

Spring along the Charles River, Red Sox fans filling the bars on Newbury Street and bomb squads on Boylston Street were the parallel lives of Boston’s Back Bay Sunday evening.

Hope you are well.