Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Official snow fall record in Boston was broken on Sunday. We have had 108.6 inches of snow so far in the 2014/2015 winter season. In the era of Global Warming, Boston has had more snow that ever recorded before. Since Boston is the Center of the Universe – actually Cambridge if you are on that side of the river – this is important.

Lyman Opie built the snow castle above in his backyard in Cambridge. As a guy, that is one of the few ways you can get a castle in Cambridge.

Now We Have Summer

Today – Tuesday March 17 – we have summer in Boston. OK – St. Patrick’s Day, green beer, and all of that. But this is real. The temp is over 50 degrees and absolutely feels like summer.

St. Patrick’s Day

I know I get in trouble in Boston by pointing this out, but St. Patrick was not an Irishman. We was a Welshman who went to Ireland to save the Irish. He stopped them from worshiping snakes or some such thing. To make matters worse, NPR had a long interview today on how the Irish of Ireland see all of the fun we are having in the US so they are starting to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland.

Here is another green beer toast to all of the Irish guys and gals who celebrate another fine Welshman’s day.   Seems like a good time to hoist the Welsh griffin and the fierce CHARIAD symbol in honor of St. Patrick. For those of you who do not know or remember, CHARIAD is an olde Welsh word meaning LOVE.

CHARIAD Ski Weekend

Now that we have summer, a hearty band of CHARIAD guys and gals are heading off this weekend for our annual ski weekend at Stratton, VT. Don Snyder called today to say he is coming to lead the group in song including some of his songs and the CHARIAD crewing song. I am not sure how much skiing versus drinking will be done, but I know we will have a fun time.

Enjoy the summer, winter spring or whatever is happening in your neighborhood.

My best,