Dear Friend & Colleague:

Over the last four years, I have had three major surgeries, a huge commitment to the Harvard Business School alumni organization leadership and the de-masting of the my sailboat in hurricane Sandy last fall.

This year has seen a transition to no surgeries, passing on the HBS responsibilities, and a phoenix like re-birth of “the mighty CHARIAD.” I have finally had the time to take on two board of director roles that I could not in the past and two more will probably start up in the next few months. I have two new bionic knees and all other systems are go.

Christmas is a time to pause and reflect on our blessings and a time to wonder at the miracle of life that is all around us. We have an opportunity to step back from our sometimes frantic lives, from our disappointments, from the hurts that are part of each of our lives. This is our time to share the love, the joy and the wonder that is also part of our lives.

I am going to San Francisco on Thursday to be with my son and his family. I have missed not being with Steven and my daughter Kimberly at Christmas, but I will be with each of them in their homes – and in warmer climates. Kim is in Florida.

I hope you are enjoying time with your family and friends. We are awash with calls to buy buy buy. In truth, our family and friends are our most valuable and cherished “possessions.”

Christmas is when we celebrate a re-birth of our belief that love is a core value in our lives. Our love for our family and friends and our love and caring for those less fortunate is central to who we are – and brings love into our own lives.

CHARIAD and the Welsh Griffin

When my sailboat CHARIAD surges across the waves, the image on the bow is the fierce Welsh griffin – they call it the Welsh dragon. We want our competitors to be fearful of the mighty CHARIAD and her gallant crew.

CHARIAD bow cutting through water wit Welsh griffin dragon on bow

The word CHARIAD is old Welsh, as in old English, and means “love.”

In this special season, may you experience CHARIAD in your life and share it with those dear to you.

My best wishes,