Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Herb Loeffler passed away last Monday. Herb has been a very special friend to me and to the entire CHARIAD community.

A memorial service will be held TODAY at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum at 4 PM. Please come if you can.

Larz Anderson Auto Museum | America’s Oldest Car Collection
15 Newton St, Brookline, MA 02445

Herb was a car nut as well as a sailor.

The CHARIAD crew has been racing in the Block Island Race Week starting last Monday with the delivery crew leaving Marblehead last Saturday. We learned of Herb’s passing on Tuesday morning as we were going out to do the Around the Island race in conditions similar today without the rain. The winds were 35 – 40 knots from the south as we screamed down the east side of the island. Herb would have loved to be on the boat for that adventure.

This is one day I will not be yelling at Herb to Get Off the Bow!

We had a wonderful remembrance for Herb on the boat after the race on Tuesday.

I want to thank Jeff Dieffenbach and Steve Herman for getting the word out to many of you about the Memorial Service when I was not able to. Steve came down to Marion last night to pick me and another crew member up. We were doing the delivery from Block to Marblehead and stopped in Marion so I could be back in time for the service this afternoon. We will complete the delivery later in the week.

Herb and Shayna were married for more than 50 years. My math may be slightly wrong but close. What a remarkable accomplishment. Our thoughts go to Shayna. I am copying her above so you have her email.

Shayna was Herb’s #2 auto mechanic under the numerous Morgan cars that Herb restored. One Thanksgiving, Shayna called me almost in tears. A host of Thanksgiving guests was arriving soon and Herb was on the roof of their “lakeside villa” making some roof repair. Could I try get him off the roof to help get the turkey ready.

50 year marriages don’t just happen. They are an accomplishment.

OK –  one more image.  This was taken on the return trip from Halifax after we had crossed the point of no return. We did not have enough fuel on the boat to either go back to Halifax or get the Marblehead. The wind had been light up to that point, but we decided to keep going and hope for the best. What else can you do.

Make the most of every day. What else can you do.