CHARIAD Update – Havana & Black Holes

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: OK, spring has not quite arrived. If the cycle of winter followed by spring, followed by summer continues, even in New England, we will soon have warm weather again and sailing. Tomorrow, Saturday, a small contingent of CHARIAD crew are going to Marblehead to survey the boat after her winter sleep and make a list of what is needed to get her ready to swim [...]

CHARIAD – Important Announcement!!!

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: Snow is on the ground in Boston as we wake up this morning. But they tell us spring has started and the days are longer. I am starting to think about our New England sailing and the mighty CHARIAD. I will admit to mixed feelings about “sailing” while looking out the window at snow and remembering the warm night sailing across the Gulf Stream to [...]

Sailing from Key West to Havana & Back – First Impressions

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: Seven Friends including three of our active racing team just returned from Key West. We had chartered a 45 ft. Jeanneau Sun Odyssey and sailed to Havana, Cuba. Here is a brief overview of our adventure and my impressions. First, spending eight days with this great crew was a wonderful experience by itself. Steve Perry, Chris Hardy, Peter Crawley, Peter Rugg, Kate Jones, and Mike [...]

Sailing to Havana & Marblehead Sunset

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: This coming Friday, a gang of CHARIAD Friends are boarding a sailboat in Key West named Real Escape. We will shove off Saturday heading eventually for Havana. The last couple of months have been exciting and frustrating as we took from a fun adventure idea and created a real Voyage of Discovery. We had to get permission from the US Coast Guard to sail to [...]

CHARIAD Wins Claddagh Cup

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: I got notification last night that CHARIAD won the Claddagh Cup for the 2018 season. The Cup is awarded to the Boston Yacht Club boat  “to honor the best BYC skipper in BYC events for the year. Of all BYC skippers, and a fine crew, you got the most points in BYC sponsored weekend races, including the Memorial Day Regatta, Beringer, Hodder, and Chowder Cup.” This [...]

Sailing from Key West to Havana Update

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD:From the response to my note about getting a group together to sail from Key West to Havana, I can see that many of us are excited by the idea.I am leaving tomorrow for about 10 days in CA and want to give you an update on where this caper stands. Please excuse the list, but I want to make sure I cover the key points.If you [...]

Earthrise Christmas Greetings from the Moon

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: 50 years ago today, the earth rose above the horizon on the moon. The Apollo 8 astronauts set this picture back to earth. Here is the Christmas message they sent to the largest live radio audience ever. William Anders We are now approaching lunar sunrise, and for all the people back on Earth, the crew of Apollo 8 has a message that we would like [...]

Sailing from Key West to Havana & Joy for the New Year

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: Relatively warm and rainy Saturday before Christmas. I hope you are enjoying the holiday season in you part of the world. I just put up a Facebook post saying I am ready to decorate my Christmas tree. I instantly got a response from Florida with a picture of a palm tree, “This is a real Christmas tree!” Sailing from Key West to Havana Many of you [...]

CHARIAD’s Last Race – You Could Join the Team

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: We had our last real race of the season on Sunday. We won, but I have some sadness for the passing of the season. Here is an image just before the race started. This coming Saturday, the Eastern YC is sponsoring a fun race with a party afterwards. Here is what they say. Pursuit racing is simple and fun. Boats start in reverse order according [...]

Heated Exchange on Facebook About CHARIAD Race Results!!!

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Dear Friend of CHARIAD: Sad to say, but I am thinking of the end of summer and end of the summer sailing season. This is our first cool week in New England. There has been a funny exchange on Facebook as follow up to my previous note to the Friends. Since many of you will not see it on Facebook, here is gist of the exchange. You will remember [...]

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