Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Saturday evening we held a wonderful Farewell at Sea for our friend and shipmate Herb Loeffler. Afterwards, we came together for a Celebration of Life in Marblehead.

Many of you were there but others could not participate and I want to share some images from the day.

Here is the last reading from the service.

As we are your creation from the earth and the sea
Unto you we shall return
You have taken the soul of our dear friend to you
With sadness and joy, we commit his body to the sea
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
With sure and certain knowledge that he will
      live with you and in our memories forever.

Before the environmental police could arrest us all, Herb’s daughter Margo and son Evan spread his ashes on the water and we threw flowers onto the water. They slowly spread across Marblehead harbor driven by the light wind as Shayna, Margo and Evan watched and the flute played.

Our lives will go on. The memories will live on.

Hope you are enjoying summer.