Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Columbus Day Social Sail to Gloucester

A fun and interesting collection of CHARIAD Friends did go sailing yesterday – Columbus Day. Sunny all day. Light winds from the SE at mid-day picking up to a brisk wind in the afternoon. Truly beautiful fall sailing.

We sailed up to Gloucester Harbor catching up with each other’s busy lives, discussing patent law and cases, where cheap energy could come from. We got some wine and lots of nibbles out by the time we sailed into Gloucester harbor and did a flyby of the docks and interesting ships.

On the way out of the harbor, we called Craig Holmes whose apartment faces the harbor. Craig took several pictures of the boat as it was sailing out of the harbor into the afternoon sunlight.

I am attaching two pictures taken by Craig from almost a mile away from the boat. I hope you can sense the different feel from the two pictures of almost the same scene. If you were on the boat while these pictures were being taken, you could see the shimmering light on the water, but we were focused on tacking out of the harbor and staying off the rocks at Hammond Castle. These images capture the scene that we were experiencing but almost too busy to appreciate.

I am attaching two pictures taken from CHARIAD in the harbor. And for extra points, I am attaching a fun picture taken at the Topsfield Fair on Saturday.

Our sail yesterday will probably be our last Social Sail for the season. If the weather cooperates, CHARIAD will do her annual fall Migration South next weekend. She will be in Weymouth for the winter having the painting repairs completed that were not done by the Dion’s yard.

These Social Sails are a wonderful treat for me. I have time to hear what you guys are doing, learn from your experiences and share the joys of your lives. What more could I ask. And all in a beautiful setting.

Fall Party Thoughts

We did have discussions on the sail about doing a fall party. I am thinking about a theme based on our current cultural experiences. OK people get creative! What can we do with a complete breakdown on our political leadership, national credit default, and the Federal Government shut down.

We may have a generation gap issue here. But my reaction is the Alfred E. Newman slogan “What Me Worry!” If you are too young to have read every issue of Mad Magazine, well – what can I say. You never got a good education.

OK – so what can you put on the table that we can have as a unifying vision for our next gathering.

Get the ideas flowing and we will work on the logistics.

My best,