Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Beringer Bowl Regatta

The Boston Yacht Club has just reprinted an article originally printed in the Boston Globe about CHARIAD sailing to Provincetown in the Beringer Regatta. If you go to this link and scroll down you will see the article. Great read about what it is like sailing in an overnight race. Thanks to Regina Flynn for all of her work researching the article and getting it published.

Marblehead to Manchester Yacht Club

This past Saturday morning, we had spotty weather and my fear that I would have a boat load of woman and just me – wonderful woman but I didn’t want to be completely outnumbered. We went out at noon and the weather was fine – some clouds and some sun. And we had a great mix of guys and gals. There were about 12 of us.

I am attaching a few pictures just to capture the day. We sailed from Marblehead over to Manchester Harbor in a light easterly wind and picked up a mooring. Manchester is one of the most beautiful and quaint harbors in New England – very narrow, long harbor. I told the story from a few years ago of sailing into the Manchester Harbor under spinnaker going all of the way to the end, gybing and sailing the spin back through the harbor and into open water. Some of the folks on the boat Saturday probably did not appreciate the difficulty of such a caper and others were probably horrified, but we got a cheer from the sailors standing on the porch of the Manchester Yacht Club on our way back out.

No spinnaker antics last Saturday. We picked up a mooring and took the sails down to have a late afternoon lunch. Lots of funny stories. We got to know some new guests on the boat. All in a beautiful and tranquil setting.

Eventually, we made it back to Marblehead. Hugs all around for a fun day on the water.

Too early to know what the weather will be next weekend. If we have good weather one day, I will organize another social sail. Come out if you can.

My best,