Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Just a quick note to share with you the news that the CHARIAD team won the Manchester YC Fall Regatta yesterday – Sunday.

Really terrific crew work both upwind and down wind. We had two races in the off shore area between Baker’s Island and Gloucester Harbor with the wind generally out of the SE.

With the first race in light air, 5 – 7 knots, we were super fast up wind. They started our Class B with the Class A boats – significantly larger boats. If they had stopped the race at the first windward mark, we would have won Class A as well as Class B. We beat one of the Class A boats across the finish line. In the second race with a little higher wind we had to correct over a Class B boat to win, but we won both races.

Above is the winning team receiving the First Place trophy.

Here is the Mighty CHARIAD on the Manchester YC dock awaiting her trophy.

You may have heard that Sunday was special sun and moon alignment that produced very low tides. Here is a picture of the Manchester harbor entrance. I don’t remember seeing the tide this low and I don’t believe we were at low tide when this picture was taken.

I had a week-long trip to San Diego and then San Francisco while giving a talk at a Medical Device conference. I took some new photography while I was there. Over the next week, I hope to get a time to share a couple of them with you.

Looks like we will have stormy weather for a few days. After the wonderful weather we have had, let a little rain fall to fill up the lakes and reservoirs.

Hope you are well.