Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

The CHARIAD Team won its 1st gold of the 2019 season.

We won the Patton Bowl on a sunny, gusty wind day this past Sunday.

Manchester Yacht Club honors Gen. Patton of WWII fame with the Patton Bowl each year. The awards were presented by the wife of Gen. Patton’s son, also Gen. Patton, who served in Vietnam. We received the Patton Bowl from the younger Gen. Patton some years ago. He looked just like his dad.

The race included a long leg from Tinkers Gong off Marblehead to Eastern Point off Gloucester. We could not fly a spinnaker but had the smaller staysail up inside the jib.

CHARIAD crew sailing Patton Bowl race

Mary Hennessey drove most of that leg.

CHARIAD flies Griffin flag at Manchester Yacht Club

After the race, we went into Manchester and showed the colors on the dock at the YC.

We have several upcoming Friends of CHARIAD social activities. I will get a separate note to you. This coming Sunday, we will have a Social Sail weather permitting. I am stalling on the announcement get a clearer weather forecast.

Hope to see you soon.