Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

The CHARIAD Team won its final race – a real race – on Sunday. Super performance.

The Marblehead Chowder Cup Challenge was sponsored by the Eastern YC. Almost perfect conditions – 10 knt winds from the NE. Four 1.5 mile legs up and back – windward/leeward.

Here we are coming to the finish in the photo above.

I probably should not share this, but we finished more than 17 MINUTES ahead of the 2nd place boat on corrected time. I wish we had 15 seconds of that 17 minutes in the Ted Hood Regatta.

Opportunity for Future Crew

This coming Saturday, we have a fun pursuit race that is just for fun. If you know someone who might be interested in being part of the CHARIAD team next season, this is a good opportunity to come out with us. No pressure but a time to meet other crew members and experience sailing on the boat.

We had 14 people of the boat when we did this race last year. The race committee called us the school bus. I am OK with that.

We will not have that many on board this time. But the weather is promising. Make an introduction if you know someone who might be interested.

CHARIAD finishing at Marblehead Chowder Cup Challenge

Mary Hennessey and Doris (aka Grace) Wells helped make the team great on Sunday. You can see who is doing the least difficult job.

I will be looking for another Social Sail opportunity when we have a good Saturday or Sunday forecast. Wednesday is usually the earliest that the forecast is somewhat reliable. Let me know as soon as you can if you want to be part of the fun.

I hope you are well.