Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

CHARIAD’s Last Race

The Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead hosted a long distance race this past Sunday. We “won” Class B, but the race committee said we had frightened off other competitors and we were the only boat in Class B.

The race was a long spin leg down to Boston and an 8 mile beat back to Children’s Island off Marblehead Harbor plus another short spin leg.

When we went back to the CYC, the race committee announced that we had won the race but said we did not get a trophy because we were the only boat in Class B. A longtime friend of mine who was on the stake boat for the race talked to the head of the committee after the announcement and shamed them into giving us something for our efforts. They come out on the porch and said they were giving me two first place glasses – “one for you and one for your wife.” Kathy “the Goddess” Gunst got very nervous when I gave her the glass saying that as long as we were on the porch of the CYC, she was my wife.

Next Steps

CHARIAD will be doing the Beringer overnight race to Provincetown followed by the Buzzards Bay Regatta with a base in Marion MA on the Bay. Once again, CHARIAD is prominently featured in the promotional materials for BBR. The picture at the top of this email plus another image of the boat are on the Home page of the BBR website.

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Please come sailing this weekend.