Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Yes, CHARIAD won its 1st race of the 2018 season Saturday of Memorial Weekend. But there is more to the story.

The picture below is before the start of the first of two races for the day in 10 to 14 knot winds from the SW. The racing was sponsored by the Boston YC off Marblehead. Our competition for the day was a very well sailed J 109 called  Hafa Adai. The course was 1.5 miles windward/leeward twice around.

CHARIAD at Memorial Day Weekend Regatta before the race

The J 109 is a faster boat than CHARIAD and owes us time under the PHRF handicap system. They would have to beat us by more than 2 minutes to win the race. They were a litter faster up wind, but we stayed close. Similar story down wind. They got the gun after the 4th leg crossing the finish line first. In light wind and under spinnaker we sailed a long minute and a half to just poke the bow around the pin end of the finish line. We got a horn toot but won the race.

After finishing the race, we took time getting the spin down and then we got out our lunches. As we were slowly going back up wind towards the committee boat, I realized that the committee was starting the 2nd race. We were far from the line in light wind eating lunch. By the time we got a jib back up and crossed the starting line we were 2 min and 42 seconds late. The course has been shorted to 1 mile legs in light wind and our competition had a huge lead. When the race was over and the guns were shot for 1st place, CHARIAD finished 2nd on corrected time by 1:22. If we had not spotted our competition 2:42 while having lunch, we would have won the race and the regatta.

CHARIAD crew at work Memorial Day Weekend Regatta, Boston Yacht Club

Saturday was our first race day. We said before the race that we wanted to go through our maneuvers slowly to give the team, including two new crew members, time to get our coordination down. We talked about thinking outside the boat – Situational Awareness –  and Anticipation  –  being prepared before each maneuver individually and as a team. On the boat, we were aware of many small mistakes and momentary confusion, but these are what we should expect for our first race. Overall, the CHARIAD team handled the boat well with great spirit. A wonderful start for the season.

North Sails Accepts CHARIAD Season Poster

Jack Slattery accepted the CHARIAD team’s 2017 winning season poster on behalf of the North Sails loft in Salem, MA.

Rick Williams with jack Slattery of North Sails Loft (Salem, MA) accepting CHARIAD's team winning season poster

The gift from the CHARIAD crew is thanks for the support the loft provided to the boat during the winning 2107 season.

The poster is now displayed in the loft.

My best wishes to all the Friends of CHARIAD.