Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

OK, spring has not quite arrived. If the cycle of winter followed by spring, followed by summer continues, even in New England, we will soon have warm weather again and sailing.

Tomorrow, Saturday, a small contingent of CHARIAD crew are going to Marblehead to survey the boat after her winter sleep and make a list of what is needed to get her ready to swim again.

Over the next few weekends, a hardy band of CHARIAD folks will gather at the boatyard for the spring cleanup and to apply makeup so she is ready to go on stage. Let me know if you want to join for a 9 to 1 effort probably on Saturday. Actually, lots of fun and we will have lunch afterwards. If you might be able to join us, I will let you know the plans.

I am hearing lots of positive feedback from the new CHARIAD website, If you are talking to someone in your world who might be a match for the racing crew, get them the website link. They will get an overview of the racing program and expectations for being on the crew.

Sail to Havana

The Boston Yacht Club published a version of the Friends email describing the sail from Key West to Havana in the member monthly magazine — “A Cuban Adventure” by Rick Williams, The Binnacle, April 2019

CHARIAD Friend and former crew member Judy Schwenk is on the BYC program committee. Judy is hoping to have me give a talk on the sail in the fall. I also have an inquiry from the Harvard Club about a presentation. My problem is having time to put a respectable slide show and talk together. My goal is to get a presentation together for a Friends gathering when we have warmer weather.

Black Holes and the Next Generation of CHARIAD Crew

Crew member Ping Zhao missed a crew gathering two weeks ago because he was at a conference in Prague, Czech Republic. Ping works at the Harvard Astrophysics center and spends his time looking for black holes. You saw the news about a “photograph” of a black hole. Only about 25 black holes have been found. I have encouraged Ping to name the black hole he finds “CHARIAD.” Remember that CHARIAD in “olde Welsh” means love. Completely appropriate.

While in Prague, Ping met with Marek Horak (see image above). Marek returned to Prague after managing the foredeck on CHARIAD for several years. You can see beer is an important part of Czech culture.

Marek reported that his son, Kuba, is in training to join the crew.

Marek teaches son to sail

Ping told me that the cycle of winter to spring to summer will probably repeat itself – again. After a wet, cold week in Boston, I hope so.

I hope you are well.