Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

CHARIAD’s sailing season has begun. We have had a race and an almost race – no wind.

A couple very talented new crew have joined the team and we are working hard to teach them how to sail the boat and get in sync as a team member. Every time new guys and gals come on the boat, I am reminded how much the boat’s success depends on the crew working as a team. One or two super stars on a team of ten will not win the race. The success of the Patriots as a team is not because Tom Brady is on the field. He may be the best quarterback ever, but the preparation of the team and their execution on the field is what wins games.

On CHARIAD, we have identified where our crew work needs improvement and drilled on the details of how to improve our game before we leave the mooring. Our debriefs after the race focus on what we can learn from our experience that day. We have not won a race yet, but we are coming closer.

If someone in your circle might want to join the CHARIAD team, suggest they go to the new CHARIAD website,, and make an introduction.

This past Sunday the Boston Yacht Club hosted a regatta supporting North Shore Hospice. Before the race, Kathy Gunst, the goddess and long time pit boss for CHARIAD, was with Steve Perry. Kathy is now on the BYC race committee and Steve is our new pit guy and crew boss.

Kathy, BYC Race Committee member and Steve, CHARIAD pit guy and crew boss

Before the start of the race, we were debating whether to put up the medium or heavy wind jib. The wind was 12 knots. We started with the medium and got about 200 yards from the starting line when the wind began to die.

We started with three Class A boats. As the wind lightened, it shifter back and forth. We went to back of the pack and then the middle of the pack. With no wind, the race committee cancelled the race.

Coming back to Marblehead, fog had filled the harbor. Here are two images captured on my cell.

Marblehead Harbor in June fog


sailboat moored in Marblehead Harbor fog

I am sure most folks sat at home disappointed the day was not sunny. In fact, we experienced a beautiful day on the water. The fog added beauty and mystery.

Let’s find a date for a Social Sail. And a Friends gathering with a BBQ.

Hope you are enjoying the start of the summer.