Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

The forecast for this weekend is promising for a Social Sail Sat or Sun.

Too early to set this in concrete, but let me know if you can join the caper for Sat or Sun. I want to get a rough head count.

For obvious reasons, we do not want to have a large outing. If you want to go, let me know sooner than later. More folks wanted to go on the last sail than we had room.

On Dock Time

10:30 AM


About 4 PM

Last Last Race

We had our last last race Saturday. A fun pursuit race. We were trying to catch the slower boats that started before us and stay ahead of the faster boats. We talked about goals for the day before the race. Debate between sailing to “win” and trying something new. We ended up having folks in roles they do not usually play. Performance was a little uneven, but we did well and progressed in our skill development. Finished behind two professionally sailed boats.

After the race, we sailed to Manchester and picked up a mooring. Corks popped. Stories told. Laughs. And a wonderful sharing of friendship and comradery in a beautiful setting.

Note the Fritos. I am completely open that the only reason I go sailing is to give me an excuse for having Fretos. Kevin Fisher now goes by “Magnum.”

Making the Scene

Andrew Chester is doing rounds at the hospital in Dublin.

CHARIAD crew memeber Andrew Chester working in Dublin Hospital 2020

CHARIAD is the last image the ladies see before giving birth. Waiting to hear if CHARIAD becomes the name of young lads and lasses in Dublin.

Andrew is at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and he is doing his residency at the Rotunda Hospital. My guess is that someone getting this was born at the hospital or knows someone who was. I am transmitting fan mail to Andrew. I suspect there will be more.

Join the Social Sail this weekend. Let’s embrace the last of summer.

My best,