Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

This Saturday will be a beautiful sailing day. Please join other Friends of CHARIAD for a Social Sail.

Catch up with old friends and enjoy the day on the water.

Social Sail Details


Sat. September 5

On Dock Time

10:30 AM

Your Contribution

Bring lunch, drinks, and something to share.


On street near the Boston Yacht Club


Boston Yacht Club: One Front Street, Marblehead, MA


Let me know if you can join us. I need to keep a head count and look out for you.


We are required to wear masks on the BYC property. I want everyone to wear a mask when they are in the cabin on the boat. If we are outside in the open air, wearing masks is more of a personal choice. We want to be safe and respectful of each other’s safety. We want each of our gang to feel safe.

I am usually away on some adventure Labor Day weekend. For all the obvious reasons, I am home. And I want to get out of my wonderful home and experience the summer while we have it. A life experience with good friends is the best.

I hope you can join the fun on the water this Saturday.

My best,