Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Sorry for these two emails together. I don’t want to mix the message.

Melisa and Elisabeth are working hard to finalize the order for the CHARIAD shirts and hats. Please take a moment and let them know what you want.

Please send your note to M&E and not to me. They are the reliable ones.

Here are your options with approx. prices.

Golf shirts, white cotton   $30

Men’s   S, M, L, XL
Woman’s S, M, L

Hats, dark gray  $20

One size fits all

T shirts,  white performance  $20

Men’s S, M, L, XL
Woman’s S, M, L, XL

You will get a note from M&E about how to pay for your order.

I can see that some of these are being given as gifts and you may need more than one of the T shirts if you will be sailing at a multi-day regatta or other event.

These are really a lot of fun. OK – here is the picture that Jack McMullen sent earlier this year as he was visiting the Taj Mahal in India. Looking carefully, I could see that he was wearing his CHARIAD hat.

Support the team!!