Dear Friend of CHARIAD:

Join the fun. Meet old friends and perhaps some new ones. CHARIAD Meet Up.


Thursday, February 6


730 Tavern, 730 Mass Ave., Cambridge, (Central Square)


6 PM and onward


None needed. Just come.

Yes, it is February and still winter here in New England. But the days are getting longer. We can have fun and start thinking about sailing.

Above is Mary Hennessey “enjoying” frostbiting. No spin drills and no chipping the ice off the boat so we can go sailing. Just a fun time.

If there is someone in your world who might be a fit for joining the CHARIAD team, bring them to the Meet Up.

OK, I was on the beach and not on the boat when I grabbed this image of frostbiting in Marblehead. Both Marblehead Light and Baker’s Island light are on station.

Frostbiting in Marblehead near Baker's island

Hope to see you next Thursday.